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Salutations from Susan

Welcome to Get Spirited. It is my hope & intention to bring you a seasonally regular ezine full of useful information, recipes, great products and tips for 'Earth friendly' living.

Get Spirited will be divided into feature sections so you can go immediately to the bits which interests you most. You will receive an email as each new page is published with a direct link to it. You can also read any of the previous pages through the archives. You might want to book mark that page for quick access.

You will find the archive at this address:


So, where should I start? At the begining of course.

I started Earth Spirit Enterprises as a step towards fulfilling my own desire to use 'Earth friendly' products in my home & lifestyle and to make them more readily available to others. Also as an outlet for my own and other's creative works.

For many years I have been personally committed to the ethics and practises of Permaculture.

These are:

  •       care of Earth
  •       care of people
  •       share surplus

With this always in mind I began and continually grow Earth Spirit Enterprises. I have searched for and found an extensive range of products, information and opportunities which generally fit well with my ethics and I am proud to share with you.

Browse these pages. You will find wonderful and exciting things. Information, products, links, friendship, nature, art & beauty. Something for everyone!

Like a garden, this is an evolving work in progress. I will continue to add new Earth friendly products, information and beautiful things as I source or make them. Visit regularly!

Tell your friends about Get Spirited so they can share the journey too.


Your comments and ideas are most welcome.

Contact me here.


For the Earth,

Susan Lloyd-Ratcliff

Just so you know.....

The 'little fat lady' as she is affectionately known is my own original logo design.

She is based on an archeological find known as the 'Venus of Willendorf '.

It represents a spiritual image of Earth's creation energy

as symbolised by the non-descript facial features and

the globe embraced within her pregnant belly.

She is abundantly proportioned as is the generosity of Earth.

© Susan Lloyd-Ratcliff 2004.

All use of this image must have written authority by the copyright owner.




Earthspirit Enterprises

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