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Are Organic Body Products the
Solution to Your Health Woes?


Everyday we use body products such as deodorant, talc, shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics and moisturiser rarely considering what these products are made of. Could ordinary everyday body products be harming your health? Is there a healthier alternative? Is it really important anyway?

To answer the first question you need to look at the ingredients used in your products. Most body products contain a cocktail of synthetic and petro-chemicals and alcohols with a handful of herbs for fragrance and 'natural' marketing appeal. How many of the ingredients listed can you pronounce?

Interesting research has emerged in recent years implicating many of the chemicals commonly used to make body products as being significant contributing factors in causing cancer, asthma, dermatitis, decline in fertility, Alzheimer's disease, ADD& ADHD, hormonal imbalance and other diseases. The list is extensive, isn't it?

Information on the known & implied effects of many chemicals is available on safety data sheets put out by chemical manufacturers advising of the safe handling and use of each chemical. Of course, few people actually read this information. It's not distributed freely with your body products or cleaners in the supermarket, after all, you probably wouldn't want to use deodorant if you knew it increased the risk of Alzheimer's by as much as 3 times. It's really not a strong marketing point!

What about using mouthwash which has a primary ingredient of industrial alcohol. The National Cancer Institute of America has found that mouthwashes with an alcohol content of 25% or higher have been implicated in mouth, tongue & throat cancers.

There is a mountain of research which has been done to indicate the negative effects on our health from the use of commonly included synthetic chemicals in personal products, cleaners, fabrics, furnishings and gardening etc. Is there an alternative?

At last the answer is YES!

Organic & Natural Enterprise (ONE) Group have made the world's first certified organic; to food standards; extensive range of skin, body, hair, oral, nutrition and cosmetics products.

The ingredients used to make the Miessence® organic body products are 100% beneficial. Organic certification of the products means that the ingredients used have been grown without the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides or herbicides; using methods which protect & enhance soil and the environment as a whole. It also means this same integrity has been extended into the manufacturing process.

ONE Group's organic body products feed your body with the increased nutritive value found in organic ingredients. Using the Miessence® range, when your hair is shiny and lustrous, your smooth skin glowing with vitality, it will be because of the truly natural health radiating from within.

You can feel safe using the Miessence® range of certified organic products on all the family knowing it doesn't contain any harmful ingredients.


To order, learn more, or view the Miessence® certified organic body products click here.

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