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Organic Skin Products Nourish Your Skin
so it Will Be as Good as it Looks.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is a permeable structure which allows the exchange of substances from outside of the body to the inside and vice versa. This means that anything your skin comes into contact with may be taken into the body in some amount albeit perhaps in only minuscule portions.

Most skin products used daily contain chemicals which have been implicated to cause a variety of diseases including cancer, eczema, skin sensitivity etc. For some people an intolerant reaction can be obvious and almost immediate when an offending substance is applied to the skin. For most, however, the accumulative effect of these chemical cocktails is much slower and more vague. Many people may never even realise the connection between the skin products like moisturisers, cleansers and toners applied daily and the disease they are suffering.

At last, there is a safe alternative!

An extensive range of certified organic skin products called Miessence®. Made by Organic & Natural Enterprise (ONE) Group, the Miessence® range of certified organic skin products come in four varieties to suit different skin profiles.

These are:


                     normal /combination profile

      even skin tone

      fine to average pore size

      some enlarged pores

      some T-zone oiliness

      occasional breakouts

      some blackheads


      dry /mature profile

      loss of elasticity

      varying pore size

      some dry patches

      no sheen/dull complexion

      can feel tight & dry

      may have surface capillaries


      oily/problem profile

      oily sheen



      open pores




                     sensitive profile

      may have surface capillaries

      can feel irritated, itchy and hot

      can appear blotchy

      may have flaky patches

      allergic reactions common

      flushed and red easily

ONE Group use 100% beneficial ingredients which are potent and active in its certified organic skin products range. They also use a cold formulation process so none of the nutrients are lost through heat treatment or the addition of synthetic emulsifiers. This means that Miessence® certified organic skin products actually feed and nourish your skin.

In addition to the usual daily use skin care products of cleanser, conditioner and moisturiser, the Miessence® organic skin products range includes a selection of:

    mineral masks


    facial serums

    blemish gel

    hydrating mist

Miessence Organic Cosmetics

ONE Group also make a growing range of organic cosmetics. Presently the range includes:

    liquid & powder foundation



    lip colours & balm


The Miessence® organic cosmetics range are light and comfortable to wear. It enhances your own natural beauty with the soft hues of nature. Like all ONE Group products it is also made with pure, organic ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals.

Use Miessence® certified organic skin products to release your natural beauty. Show off the subtle glow of vibrant healthy skin which is all you!

Click here to visit ONE Group where you can learn more about organics and shop.

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