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Bacteria to the Rescue!

We are at war! It is a silent war. The battle is for our own health.The enemy is lack of education and awareness. It is being fought by all of us: those who have health & are trying to maintain it and those who have lost their health & are trying to regain it.

That this war exists is evident by frightening health statistics which cannot hide the truth. Health statistics indicate that in 1901 the occurance of cancer was 1 in 8000 whilst in present times it's 1 in 3. It also indicates that approximately half of the population of the United States is afflicted by chronic disease such as one of the 'eight deadly diseases': heart disease, stroke, cancer, oesteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis, alzheimers or auto immune disease. Sadly, statistics also indicate that the chief cause of death in children under 15 is cancer.

In a report by the American Cancer Society in 1999 it indicates "1/3 of cancer deaths are related to diet and could have been prevented." Physicians for Responsible Medicine in the US. concur stating "diet is the greatest single factor in the epidemic of cancer."

To gain a broader understanding of what is causing the demise of our health it is necessary to look back at what changes have taken place in the world, particularly since the begining of the 20th century.

Through science we have created 1000's of new chemicals, used for many different purposes, which didn't exist previously. Although approved by the EPA only about 2% of chemicals have been tested for long term effects on human health. Also testing hasn't looked into the effects of chemicals combined. In 1940 there were 500 million kilograms of chemicals, by 1950 that figure had increased to 25 billion kg and by 1980 it was 250 billion kg.

A 2003 report of a United Kingdom study of 155 volunteers from across Britain which tested people for the presence of 77 chemicals in the body showed the lowest number of chemicals found in one individual was nine, the highest number found was 49 but the average number of the 77 chemicals being tested for was 30.

Our exposure and subsequent absorption of chemicals is coming from all sources:

  • polluted air & water
  • food grown with pesticides, herbicides & artificial fertilisers
  • preservatives, colourings & food additives
  • artificial sweeteners
  • cleaning products
  • synthetic fabrics
  • personal & skincare products
  • hair treatments, shampoos & conditioners
  • cosmetics
  • antibiotics & medicines etc.

The association between the prevalence of chemicals and disease may be supposed from the evidence given and many other documents and studies undertaken. However, it can't be clearly proven without extensive testing which is never likely to happen as it is not in the vested interest of the 'sickness industry' to have the implications proved. Would people still buy diet soft drinks if they knew the aspartame would eat holes in their brain or eat chips knowing the MSG could cause blindness?

Unlike other wars, this one is not being fought by someone else on our behalf. We must each fight the battle to maintain or regain our health.

How do we become victorious?

The solution lies in the bacteria kingdom. Bacteria have an awesome power for change. Bacteria has been the cause for the loss of whole races of people, virtually overnight, through lack of immunity to diseases like small pox; such is its power for change. It is also responsible for the creation of just about everything.

The bacterial kingdom drive all living functions. There are more bacteria on earth than every other living organism. It plays an essential role in Life. For example, bacteria in the soil convert air and soil organic matter into small enough nutrient particles for plants to uptake and grow. Without this vital action there would be no plants; that is no food for humans or animals, and ultimately no life.

Bacteria function within the human body in similar ways. It is the action of bacteria on the digestion of food which breaks it down to release the essential nutrients for our bodies to grow and maintain health. Our bodies contain around 2.5kg of bacteria. There are more bacteria than there are cells.

The optimum ratio of bacteria in our bodies is about 85% 'good' bacteria to 15% 'bad' bacteria. That is 'good' bacteria which is essential for bodily functions like absorption of nutrients & excreting waste and 'bad' bacteria which make you sick or vulnerable to disease.

When this ratio is out of balance we become ill. This situation is primarily brought about by our diets which are laden with chemicals and lacking nutrients. The lack of nutrients is largely due to over processing and heating of foods, additives, preservatives and chemical residues.

Bacteria & our bodies need whole living foods. These are foods which have not had the essential Life force killed. Starting to sound a bit airy fairy? Think of it this way. If you plant an acorn, given the right conditions you would expect it to grow into an oak tree. If you bury a dead rabbit or acorn flour or a broken seed even, would you expect it to grow still?

It is also important to replace the bacteria in our bodies as it is continually being killed by the stresses on it from our bodies, the unclean environment in which it lives and its normal life cycle etc. Antibiotics are particularly harmful to all bacteria in our bodies not just the 'bad' ones which are proliferating and making us ill. Our bodies can't make bacteria so it is essential that we include it in our diets.

We can do this by eating probiotic foods such as yogurts or with a specific probiotic product like In-Liven. As bacteria are a living organism it is essential that it has the foods it needs to grow and proliferate. This is why the best probiotic products will include living whole foods in the blend in addition to a range of Lactobacillus bacteria. In this way the bacteria will be able to colonise in the intestine and perform the essential functions within the time it has before dying or being excreted.

Ideally the probiotic products and all the foods we eat are certified organic. It is only through independent organic certification can we be sure of the purity and integrity of the product. This is because organic certification guarantees the product has been grown, processed, packed & stored in accordance with the strict organic standards laid down by organisations such as Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and over seen by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

How do bacteria benefit us?

Most bacteria in our bodies exists in the intestines. It is the function of bacteria, along with enzymes, to break nutrients down into a size which can be transported through the blood and utilised by our bodies. This is comparable to breaking something the size of a house down into a grain of sand.

If the intestines are blocked and dirty caused by poor quality diet, low in essential nutrients & fibre and lack of 'good' bacteria, less nutrients are absorbed into the blood through the intestinal wall. Along with fibre and chlorophyll* rich foods, bacteria also help clean the intestinal tract, allowing for greater absorption of nutrients and ultimately better health. In this way it also relieves the stress on our immune systems because as our health improves, via greater nutrition, immune cells are freed to work in areas of the body where it is truly injured or ill.

We are the champions, my friend.

The ability to win the war for our own health is within each of us. It is in the choices we make as consumers. It is in our diets. By using certified organic products whenever possible we can reduce the amount of hazzardous chemicals we are exposed to and absorb causing the gradual degeneration of our health. Including a daily organic probiotic product in our diet, like In-Liven, to replenish our intestinal bacteria we can rebuild our health. Good health is your responsiblity. It's your choice. Nobody else can fight for your health. Take action today to regain or improve your health.

*Chlorophyll is the part in plant leaves which make it green. The more chlorophyll, the darker the green. This is why dark green leafy vegetables are generally so good for us.


*written by ©Susan Lloyd, 2005

**Resources: CD recording of interview with Czerral the creator of In-Liven which is distributed by Organic & Natural Enterprise (ONE) Group.


This article is based on a recorded interview with Czerral the creator of In-Liven which is distributed by Organic & Natural Enterprise (ONE) Group.

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**Information included in this article is based on the recorded interview of Czerral, creator of In-Liven, distributed by ONE Group. It is not in anyway intended to be offered or used as medical advice. Neither ONE Group or anybody associated with it are in anyway responsible for any outcome as a result of using In-Liven.


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