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Curly parsley at rear, Italian (or flat leaf) parsley in front.



Parsley is a wonderful, nutritious herb. It has many uses and a long history of being valued.

These days it is too often a disgarded garnish  on a restuarant's meal plate.

Parsley is rich in vitamins A, B & C, iron, calcium, magnesium and chlorophyll. Used medicinally to freshen breathe and soothe digestion, it also has anticeptic qualities.

Parsley is the essential base ingredient for Tabholea (recipe below).

Grow parsley in full sun or part shade. It likes rich, moist soil. Propagates easily from seeds, best planted spring through to autumn.

Though a biennial plant it is often grown as an annual. Like most annual plants, parsley will self seed readily, so once you have it established it is easy to get successive crops going. In Permaculture this is an example of the principle of succession & evolution in process.

There a several varieties, the most commonly known being the curly and Italian (sometimes known with a different name). The Italian form is a larger plant with flat leaves.

Hamburg is a variety grown for its thick root which is eaten as a vegetable.

Parsley can be preserved by drying or freezing. A good method is to chop the parsley and put into icecube trays. Top up with water. Then just add a cube to soups & stews when cooking. Preserving foods is a good way of keeping them available out of season.


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