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Project 40

We all have different ways of acknowledging the passage of time. As my 40th birthday approaches I thought it would be a good thing to celebrate by giving back to the Earth some of the abundance I have received throughout my life. I decided the easiest way for me, (and each of us), to contribute positively towards the benefit of all life is to plant a tree.

Project 40 is more than just one tree though. It's one a day for 40 days beginning the 1st of May. It may not only be trees either, as all plants help to reduce greenhouse gases though trees are the best for enduring effect. I will also endeavour to photograph the plant and write a bit about it such as uses, origins, size, growing conditions etc. These pages you'll find in the plants profiles section within the Get Spirited archives.

You can celebrate with me and take up this same challenge: 40 plants in 40 days. Every little bit helps!

If you decide to plant something, even just one thing because of this challenge, I'd love to hear from you about it. Contact me here (please put project 40 in the subject line or I might delete it as spam).



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