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Creating Wealth.

Who doesn't want to be rich? Who wouldn't want financial freedom? Enough money to choose whether or not to work. To have no outstanding debts. To travel anywhere in the world and stay in quality accomodation. To have a personal trainer or a regular massage. Hire a cleaner. Educate your children (and yourself). To generously support charitable organisations.

You name it.

With financial freedom there are all sorts of possibilities.

Yet, sometimes I have pondered if it is actually ethical to desire and strive towards wealth and remain committed to an Earth caring lifestyle. Are the two purposes a contradiction to the other? After all, hasn't it been all the 'greedy rich capitalist pigs' (and the rest of us poor unthinking consumers) that have brought about Earth's degradation with ever increasing consumer demands? Is it possible to live both ethically and be rich?

I have been researching this issue for about a year now and conclude that one can most definitely be wealthy and ethical. That there are certainly ethical, Earth caring ways to create wealth but it takes a committed personal choice to do it that way, as less Earth friendly and unethical methods are more prevalent.

I have also learned that there are a number of principles for creating wealth which, if followed, virtually guarantee increasing abundant wealth. The same principles can often be applied to achieve goals of any nature and not just accumulating money and material things.

Whilst I am not rich and therefore not truly qualified  to teach wealth creation but by hearsay, I believe I am finally on the right path to achieve my goals for financial freedom. I consider myself an apprentice millionaire, willing and able to do what is necessary to achieve my goals.

Whatever goal you have, you start to achieve it from where you are at the moment.

Oneday, I'll be able to speak retrospectively on this subject. For now, share the journey with me. Be open to the ideas and suggestions offered. If you have relevant experiences, comments or suggestions to make on wealth creation send them in here.

Conceive a goal.

The starting point is first desire.

It is necessary to conceive of something you would like to acheive. To build it in your mind's eye. To imagine yourself in detail living as you will when you acheive your goal. To believe in the vision of your desire with a consuming passion. For it to be what you think of upon waking, when day dreaming and before sleep.

Clear visualisation of that which you desire will drive your actions, via your subconcious mind, to bring about that which you most believe in. So be clear, detailed and specific in that which you desire. Hold on faithfully to your vision. Chances are you will be tested. The universe doesn't always provide how or when you may expect it.

Without a vision for your desires you will acheive..... nothing!


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