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Invest in Yourself

Recently I've had an experience which in the past I would not have coped with or overcome with integrity. I was able to be more like the type of person I admire and want to be like because I invest a significant amount of time & energy on personal development.

Whilst these personal issues are ongoing and stressful, I feel confident that I can meet all the challenges because I continue to grow myself. I am working to improve myself on all levels; intellectually, spiritually, physically and with inter & intra communication skills. (That is communication between people & communication within oneself.) This investment in myself is invaluable to me, just as investing in yourself is invaluable to you.

One of the greatest things you can do with your life is to continue to grow yourself. This is learning something new. You are never too old to learn something new. Education doesn't have to be formal to be valuable. Take up the numerous opportunities to learn something new or have a new experience. Do courses, attend workshops & seminars, read books, listen to recordings etc to increase your skills, knowledge & confidence in any area you wish to learn.

If you seek to obtain financial freedom (and just so you can manage within your means) learn about financial stuff. You don't have to become a stock market wiz, just some basic principles of budgeting & saving. Get that much right and your life will be easier. Then you can focus on becoming financially free through acquiring income producing assets and other practices of the wealthy.

Thinking time is not wasted time though action is required as a follow up in order to achieve success. Think, think, think. Plan then act upon it. Devise a system to achieve your goal then act upon it with single minded belief in its success.

Start investing in yourself.

Success University have some of the best known tutors/mentors in the world teach a variety of skills including:

  • personal development
  • winning in business
  • sales & marketing
  • spiritual growth
  • relationships
  • financial success
  • money management
  • personal health
  • effective leadership
  • creative thinking

You can thoroughly explore everything available through Success University for 14 days by making a $2 donation to the Feed the Children Fund plus you'll get to keep a heap of bonuses even if you decide it's not really what you're looking for. Also, you will be able to earn an income while you learn with Success University. This means you'll win in every way!


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