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Essentially, Permaculture is a conscious design system for creating sustainable human habitat.

Last time we looked at the first ethic of Permaculture which is; care of Earth. The second part of Permaculture ethics is care of people which we'll look at in this issue.

Care of People.

Let's face it, people's first concern is our own survival. It is a powerful motivating force. Consequently we have developed ways to live longer and breed more prolifically. With the advent of mechanised agriculture humankind has rapidly increased in population. We found a way to feed more people and to utilise more & more marginal land.

People are important because of the impact we have on Earth. Also because of our preoccupation with our own superiority of species. We believe we are important.

Permanent agriculture (Permaculture) is created and evolved from thoughtful observation. Permaculture is not just about agriculture though. It is about culture in general: people culture. Sustainable design for people culture.

People have complex social systems. We need other people. We are builders and makers of things. We shape the Earth to our purpose. Sometimes, the Earth rearranges our design and humbles our ingenuity with a natural disaster; hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tidal waves etc.

Care of people is important because of the impact we have on the

Earth and each other.

We can start by caring for ourselves, our own health & well being and that of our families & friends. Our own health is one area of life which we are each responsible for and can have control over ultimately.

(Read 'Bacteria to the Rescue' to learn more about taking control of your own health.)

Practice active respect for all cultures. For all people. In times of unrest between nations and nationalities or beliefs it will serve us well to look at what benefits to the Earth, society and culture your opposition has produced. Do you enjoy the food, music, dance, language, art, architecture, innovation etc which has been given to the world by your enemy? Even just a little of it?

We can lead by example. Demonstrate in all we do consideration of the Earth and of others. Treat others as we would want them to treat yourself (sometimes a difficult rule to live by when others treat you poorly regardless of your efforts).

Never the less, live your life as if it really matters because it does really matter!

Everything you do, every decision you make, does impact on the Earth and the lives of others;

perhaps in ways unknown to you.

All Life is connected!


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